Kuul accommodation
340 € / night

Room Parameters

1 x Double bed / 131-150 cm wide
1 x Restroom(s)

Room Facilities



[AC] – Additional Charge


Food & Drink





Languages spoken



You want to experience something unique and once in a lifetime? Here you have an opportunity like no other in the world – private luxury accommodation in a floating KUUL

What is the KUUL?
It can be like a sphere or something on the MOON or just COOL. In any case, it is something different than a standard hotel room.

It is located on the north side of Viirelaid Island. It is a special place to experience something different.

Frequently asked Questions:

How to get there?
We will bring you from Virtsu Port to Viirelaid by boat.

We can agree on the launch time, but in any case, it has to be daytime, because who wants to be at sea at night.

What if your stomach gets empty?
We can provide you meals 10x a day if needed. You can choose from the simple meals from our chefs or order a 3 course dinner with champagne.

The sun burns and thirst quenches?
There is a minbar in the KUUL where you will find everything you need.

If that’s not enough, the waiter will bring you from the lighthouse complex.

What to do on the island?
I would always like to answer that question – maybe you need to do just nothing. I think you can just rest one day.

If not then there are 2 SUP boards which can be used to go to see a sunken ship, seals or make trip around the island.

In addition, you can observe the sheep, rabbits, or the cunning fox who always trying to catch the rabbits.

P.S KUUL is separate from the lighthouse complex and it is not good to go there without prior agreement. We will serve you everything you need to dome.

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